1. Activate Your Device

  • Scan your customized QR code located at the show office (exhibitor check-in).

2. Scanning

  • Select “Lead Retrieval”
  • Select “Scan QR Code” to scan an attendee badge
  • Hold device (4-6 inches) from QR code to capture attendee information
  • Add notes, edit information, or trash lead information using the bottom toolbar

3. Downloading Leads

  • Go to, and log-in using the main contact’s User ID and Password from
  • Available to download in both Excel and CSV text files


Q: What devices can I use?
Apple iOS products (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch 5th gen. or later) and Android smartphones and tablets (4.0 or higher).

Q: Is there a limit on how many devices we can activate at the show?
There is no limit on how many devices your company can to use at the show. You can use multiple devices at no added cost.

Q: What happens if I run low on battery during the show?
iPhone and Android chargers are available at the show office. We recommend having your device fully charged at the start of each show day.

Q: Will I lose my scanned leads if my battery dies, shuts off, resets, or I exit out of the app?
No, you will not lose your previously scanned leads.

Q: I lost my device, did I lose my show leads?
If your scanned leads were uploaded, then they can be recovered. We recommend constantly backing up your device by uploading your leads to and collecting stickers.

Network Connection
Q: Do I need an internet connection with my device?
You do not initially need an internet connection for scanning. However, you must establish an internet or cellular connection at some point in order to upload your scanned leads to

Q: How often do you suggest I upload my leads?
We recommend uploading your scanned leads several times each day, and certainly before leaving the show.

Q: Will leads for all my company’s devices be grouped together?

Yes, your company’s scanned leads will be synced to the same online database at, available in both Excel and CSV formats.

Q: Can I enter in custom fields?
Custom fields are not available in our D2P shows app. The “Add Info” tab gives you the opportunity to grade leads, enter a rep code, select and type follow up notes.

Q: Who do I contact for help with the leads post-show?
Please contact Mark Schmidt at (203) 758-6663 ext. 112 or

Uploading Leads
Q: I cannot upload leads from my device, what do I do?

  • Make sure your device is connected to either wifi or cellular service.
  • Reset your app, or turn off/on the device.

Q: Where can I find my leads online?

Q: In what format do I get my leads?

  • Your scanned leads will be available to download in both a CSV and Excel files.

Q: How long will the leads be available online?

  • 90 days after the conclusion of the show. You can always reach out to D2P personnel for a file of your scanned leads from previous shows.

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